Ingredients and Active Ingredients


    Innovative mixture of 4 amino acids selected and appropriately dosed that act specifically on hair regrowth (anagen phase). Arginine and lysine, indeed, employed for topical and internal use, favor the growth and regrowth of hair. The two sulfur amino acids Cystine and Methionine, help the keratinizing process (forming hard keratins of hair and nails) and strengthen the hair bulb.


    Prebiotic, immunostimulatory.


    The artichoke has purifying, digestive and diuretic proprieties and, thanks to the presence of inulin, allows to lower cholesterol levels; Furthermore, in the heart of the artichoke is the chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant, which is capable of preventing atherosclerotic and cardiovascular diseases.


    Traditional medicine uses the leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa for its hypoglycemic properties and obesity. The active ingredient to which these hypoglycemic properties are attributed is corosolic acid, that reveals an insulin-like mechanism of action, also orally active, which promotes the utilization of glucose by the cells, so as to attribute the name of phyto-insulin to corosolic acid.

    Obviously, essential condition for the action of corosolic acid to be effective and sufficient is a proper lifestyle that, if too unbalanced, would defeat the recognized therapeutic effects of Banaba. It is important to note that fluctuations in blood sugar levels stimulate hunger and food cravings, especially of sweet, so by regulating blood sugar levels one can assume a better food control, which will also be useful for promoting weight loss.

    Along with decreasing blood sugar, corosolic acid inhibits the differentiation of adipocytes (the cells in the cytoplasm of which fat deposits, and which form the adipose tissue), constituting an additional help to combat obesity. Studies have found, parallel with the reduction in blood sugar, a decrease in total liver lipids (fat in the liver), probably due to a reduction in the accumulation of triglycerides, so one can presume a possible rebalancing action on global lipid profile.


    The bean extract reduces the assimilation of complex carbohydrates or starches.


    It is a useful natural remedy for disorders of the urinary tract in general; It also has remarkable antiseptic properties.  Ability in draining fluids long demonstrated.


    It stimulates the immune system of the skin, making it less reactive. It has anti-inflammatory action and is an excellent moisturizer. It has a trophic, nourishing and smoothing effect.


    It contributes to the maintenance of healthy and normal hair.


    It has rich leaves with many therapeutic and beneficial properties. Remarkable the one concerning the treatment of cellulite, as is capable of facilitating elimination of fiber-connective nodules, typical of the feared skin imperfection.


    Bitter Orange, Citrus aurantium, is used in herbal medicine for the abdominal fat. The plant complex present in the rind of the unripe fruit and dried out from the bitter orange has demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce the excess fat, especially the fat deposited in the abdomen, through an increase of the so-called thermogenesis.

    The adipose tissue is formed by cells called adipocytes and is divided into white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). The cortisol and androgens do predominantly accumulate it in the abdomen and in general in the upper part of the body (android biotype), while estrogens tend to distribute it mainly in the buttocks, thighs, lower limbs areas (gynoid biotype).

    The functions of the white adipose tissue in the human body are mainly three:

    • Mechanical function: It occupies the interstices while coating nerves, blood vessels and muscles; It acts as a protecting "buffer" in various parts of the body according to age and gender.
    • Thermal insulating function: It prevents the dispersion of heat generated by the body.
    • Reserve function: Adipose tissue is the main storage of triglycerides in mammals, including humans, and is constituted by a number of cells, called adipocytes, delegated to the synthesis of triglycerides and to their release in the form of glycerol plus fatty acid.

    The brown adipose tissue instead has a high concentration at birth and decreases with advancing years. Its location is especially abdominal and truncal. The function of this fat is to produce heat. In infants it has the function of maintaining body temperature in balance. This function is called thermogenesis and is active also after a meal, thus reducing the impact of the calorie consumption on body weight and fat deposits, as it disperses the energy derived from food as heat. In overweight people, often, white fat is no longer able to perform the function of utilization of fat as "fuel" for the production of heat, with consequent increase of body weight and adipose tissue. So it may be useful to stimulate thermogenesis for weight reduction.

    To activate thermogenesis, we use the citrusaurantium for abdominal fat, by virtue of its ability to dissolve the deposited brown fat. As we have seen, thermogenesis is a particular metabolic process that stimulates the body to produce heat, using the reserves of brown adipose tissue.

    The extract of the unripe fruit rind contains a rare composition of sympathomimetic amines, in particular the synephrine able to increase the beta-oxidation, thus stimulating the oxidation of fatty acids of brown fat, which, as we saw, is concentrated in the abdomen, and decreasing of white fat. Thus comes the optimization of the relationship between body fat and lean mass.

    This particular selective thermogenic activity and the safety of use are related to the fact that the plant complex acts selectively on beta-3 adrenergic receptors, present mainly in the abdominal adipose tissue and liver, responsible for fat demolition processes (lipolysis).


    It demonstrates an invigorating action on the connective tissue that supports the blood vessels, enhancing the tone and the elasticity. The anthocyanins contained make the connective tissue a stronger and more stable, favoring a more normalized circulation of microcirculation and a greater feeling of lightness of limbs. It also protects the cardiovascular level counteracting the formation of cholesterol.


    The generic term of bromelain refers to two proteolytic enzymes (a protein that is able to degrade other proteins into amino acids) identified in pineapple (Pineapple comusus, family of Bromeliaceae, from which the name).

    The first form of bromelain to be identified was the bromelain of the pineapple fruit, characterized through studies on its use in popular medicine.

    Later, it was discovered a second form, said bromelain of the shank, used today in the industrial field. In the shank, bromelain is more concentrated that in the fruit.


    It assist in the mobilization and the reduction of adipose tissue fat.


    Natural derivative with rubefacient action and designated to stimulate blood microcirculation.


    It is a mixture formed by:

    • Anhydrous caffeine
    • Capsimax (chili extract, Capsicumannum in beadlets).
    • Vitamin PP (7,6%).
    • Piperine 50% (pipernigrum)


    THERMOGENIC: Clinical trials show that taking capsimax plus 60 minutes before exercise, we have a thermogenic effect i.e. we will burn more calories during and after exercise.

    The quantity of capsimax plus contained in 1 bottle of adipesina urto allows to burn up to 211 calories extra per day.

    APPETITE CONTROL: Clinical studies show that intake of chili (this is due to the effect of the capsaicinoid content in chili combined with caffeine), leads the person to need fewer calories in occasion of the next meal.

    REDUCTION OF WEIGHT AND BODY FAT: Research has shown that capsaicinoids stimulate a chain of physiological events that helps lipolysis by reducing the % of body fat


    It enhances combustion of fat favoring its decrease.


    It is used, thanks to its beneficial properties on the blood vessels and connective tissue, in the treatment of cellulite. Its actives stimulate fibroblasts, cells that synthesize collagen, "toning" the structure of the vessel walls. Relevant is its usefulness in resolving venous insufficiency, complicit in swelling and heaviness of the legs.


    Lipid substance. Restructuring, protective, strengthener.


    From cherry a precious juice is obtained rich in minerals and with strong purifying and diuretic proprieties.


    Chito-R3® has shown excellent ability to bind fats and favor their elimination through the feces.


    Chrome is especially important in the metabolism of glucose through the activation of GTF (glucose tolerance Factor).

    Thanks to this property, chrome, besides being useful in insulin dependent diabetics, is particularly useful also for:

    • Preventing the onset of diabetes.
    • Controlling diabetes of non-insulin dependent type.
    • Mitigating the effects of hypoglycemia.
    • Reducing the desire of sugar through the synthesis of serotonin.
    • Encouraging the use of glycogen at muscle and hepatic level, promoting the production of energy.

    The insulin acts in the same way as a "gatekeeper" that controls the passage of nutrients and other essential compounds through the cell walls. When the insulin mechanism is disturbed, sugars cannot be absorbed into cells to be burned and are converted into fat deposits, the amino acids cannot penetrate into the tissues and build muscles and cholesterol produced in the liver is not absorbed and comes back into the bloodstream where it oxidize going to harm the arterial walls.

    Other attributed properties are: mobilization of fat reserves and their transformation into energy; increase in lean body mass (muscle development) at the expense of fat mass; reduction of total cholesterol and especially the "bad" cholesterol or LDL.


    Adjuvant for weight reduction, it can promote an increase in metabolic activity. It helps burn constituents introduced with food and, instead of converting them into energy for the organism, it disperses them in the form of heat


    Molecule also called ubiquinone. Its greater particularity is that it is fundamental in the processes related to energy production.

    • Essential to maintain a good physical effectiveness
    • Adjuvant in decreasing pain in cases of muscle fatigue
    • Essential for the improvement of spasms and cramps that, after assumption, show benefices
    • Soothing, because of its antioxidant strength, the tissue inflammation that is created after the onset of cramps
    • Effective antioxidant able to protect cell membranes from free radical damage caused by stress and pollution

    Its presence promotes hair pigmentation and plays an important antioxidant role and in support of keratinizing processes.

    CUBE 3

    The latest generation of hyaluronic acid with specific re-compacting activities.


    It is the natural alternative to the B vitamins, since it concerns a complex of vitamins originated from buckwheat sprouts grown with an advanced hydroponics process, unique in the world.


    It is a clinically tested bioactive keratin which acts by improving the appearance of hair and reducing its loss. It is able to bind to the keratin of which the majority of the hair is composed. This results in a decrease in hair breakage and increased shine.


    It contains a number of bioactive substances. Its cleansing, decongestant and detoxifying functions promote the drainage of fluids. Its diuretic properties facilitate the elimination of toxins contained in excess liquids. Its root is extremely rich in inulin, a soluble fiber with prebiotic effects useful to improve bowel function and select a symbiont enteric flora.


    It forms, together with collagen and fibronectin, the "network" for skin support. The presence of different amino acids - mainly proline and glycine - ensures maintaining the elasticity of the skin and helps to counteract aging. Its benefit is also expressed in the protection of the arteries that tend to stiffen in old age.


    Escholtzia contains a number of important active substances, denominated alkaloids.

    The main ones are:

    • berberine that possesses sedative activity;
    • protopin that has antispasmodic and relaxing action, (and also antibacterial);
    • cryptopine acting on the heart with a calming effect;
    • chelidonine which is used as a painkiller and antispasmodic in

    the intestinal tract and in the gallbladder and is also known for its disinfectant, antibiotic and antifungal action, particularly effective in the bile duct.

    The sedative and antispasmodic activity of Escholtzia is mainly due to its plant complex, which makes it particularly suitable to improve the quality of sleep and especially to shorten the phase of falling asleep without affecting mental alertness.

    Thanks to its mild sedative effect, the extract is also used to calm mild to moderate states of anxiety and agitation.


    Standardized extract from bean seeds that inhibits the activity from Alpha amylase, blocking food starch digestion, thus providing benefits for maintaining healthy levels of glucose in the blood and an optimal body composition.

    The alpha amylase is the enzyme responsible for the cleavage of starch into glucose which is used for the activity of the metabolism (source of energy); by blocking the amylase, it prevents the breakdown of starch into glucose. In the bean a protein is contained that binds to the active site of alpha amylase, preventing the action thereof. It results that complex carbohydrates pass through our body and are expelled instead of being converted to fat storage.


    Fennel extract counteracts the phenomena of fermentation in the intestine.


    It contains green fruits who develop the maximum of active ingredients and enzymes, and after a process of about 300 days takes on those characteristics appropriate to reinforce the body's natural defenses at the same time enhancing the existing anti-oxidant in the fresh fruit and introducing immuno-modulating action. His restorative power awakens the metabolism with naturality. Furthermore, the lack of papain and chyme-papain - special enzymes of fresh fruit no longer present after a successful fermentation process - means that generally possible allergic phenomena for the continued use of the pulp will not occur. The compound obtained following the transformation - almost a pre-digestion - is therefore entirely assimilable and useful for all ages. Effective antidote for the intestinal infections and for playing a good antiseptic action.

    Folic acid

    It promotes oxygenation of the scalp.


    Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) favor the balance of intestinal flora.


    A natural molecule known for weight or lipid reduction capacity, especially in the abdomen. It also acts in reducing the production of fat cells.


    Titrated in hydroxycitric acid

    Hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, is a citric acid extracted from different tropical plants, as for example from the Garcinia gummi-gutta. The hydroxycitric acid allows to lose weight and burn off excess fat, as it increases the metabolism, it eliminates the extra calories and reduces appetite. Hydroxycitric acid causes an increase in serotonin levels, an effect that generally reduces appetite, limiting the unpleasant feeling of hunger during the day.

    The HCA is also able to control glucose levels when it is consumed after a meal. The consequences of this fact are multiple, especially for diabetics. Briefly, when a diabetic person consumes a meal, her/his body is not able to adequately release the glucose, which can be released all at once or not at all. It is therefore considered that HCA is able to control the level of that substance for a period of about two hours, thus allowing proper dispensing of the amount of sugar in the blood and preventing any risk of hypoglycemia or insulin need.


    Nourishing, moisturizing, strengthening.


    With many and important functions, including being the precursor of creatine, known for its ability for "good maintenance" of the musculature,

    • It frees energy thus improving the immune system
    • It increases the secretion of a hormone (GH, Growth hormone) known for its correlation with the increase and well-being of the muscle mass
    • It lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone either systemic and muscular) helping to inhibit the inflammatory effect linked to it by preventing the formation of cramps

    An evergreen shrub that grows vertically up to three meters high in areas such as Tibet and Mongolia, with its elongated crimson berries, is considered since ancient times an inexhaustible source of health and youth. Its many "qualities" concern the scope relative to the protection of the skin, the broad-spectrum antioxidant action, the ability to improve eyesight, the protection against free radicals.


    These berries are a powerful anti-aging remedy. They have a satiating effect because they prevent excessive insulin stimulation that is considered the storage hormone par excellence.


    Rich in triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, soluble polysaccharides, phenolic acids, diterpenes, tannins and essential oil, is known for diuretic, astringent and toning properties. Useful in cases of urinary tract inflammation and in the formation of urinary calculi, is mainly used for its diuretic action. Great "blood cleanser”, it also performs an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and slightly antiseptic action. Very valid in the presence of water retention and of blemishes caused by cellulite.


    The green coffee is a particular mixture of unroasted and Arabic beans: drinking only green coffee, without diets, would allow to lose two kilos and more per month, as says a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The fat burning power of green coffee derives from a high chlorogenic acid content, a component capable of reducing sugar absorption by the intestine and accelerating the metabolism (in particular it accelerates the process of fat burning). Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant, whose effects would be lost with the roasting of the beans: for this reason, regular coffee has only a minor influence on the metabolism, while the green one allows you to lose weight fast.


    It is known for its antioxidant and slimming properties; in this case, the involved chemicals are methylxanthines(caffeine, theobromine, theophylline) and there is no doubt on their actual ability to stimulate lipolysis. Encouraging the mobilization of fat localized in adipose fabric and their oxidation for energy, methylxanthines promote weight loss. The same substances are also able to increase metabolism; they also have mild diuretic (useful for combating water retention) and anorectic (suppress hunger) effects.


    Griffonia (Griffoniasimplicifolia) is a tropical plant of African tradition whose seeds contain large amounts of hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), direct precursor of serotonin. Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter in the nervous system and is involved in mood regulation, the sense of hunger, sleep (serotonin is indeed, in turn, the precursor of melatonin) and other important functions. Through assumption of griffonia we can then delivery the 5-HTP precursor from the outside and increase the levels of serotonin in the body.

    The result of taking 5-HTP is a rapid effect (documented by various international researches and by enthusiasm of many consumers) of rebalancing of mild to moderate depression, of facilitation of sleep and anxiety reduction and emotional eating (in particular, of craving towards carbohydrates).


    Titled 15% of caffeine

    The dry plant contains at least 2.5% of caffeine, which acts as a psychostimulant, improving attention and memory capacity and mental performance, reducing fatigue.

    The caffeine determines also an acceleration of heartbeat along with a moderately diuretic and vasodilator action. It also favors the mobilization of fat from adipose tissue.

    The guarana is used as a slimming drug, thanks to the lipolitic action, in conditions of overweight and obesity.


    The leaves of Gymnema contain a mixture of at least nine glycosidic acids with very similar structure, whose most active component is the gymnemic acid A1, which carries out a hypoglycemic action through two main mechanisms:

    • It inhibits the absorption of sugars in the intestine. Its molecule is bigger than that of the sugars, and competing with them, it is able to bind to intestinal receptors, reversibly blocking them with an action quickly established and that persists for several hours. We have a similar bind also on the taste buds of the tongue: by placing a small amount of Gymnema on the tongue, in a few moments it will cancel the perception of sweet taste and thus the desire to take sugar drops significantly.
    • It stimulates the metabolic conversion of glucose at the cellular level by stimulating the production of insulin.

    To promote relaxation and mental well-being.


    The hop contains an essential oil that characterizes the bitter taste and the strong aromatic scent. Besides being a flavoring of beer, the hop plays a strong sedative action against the nervous sphere, thus it is used to fight the states of insomnia, and nervousness.


    Moisturizer, nutrient, volumizing, elasticising, polishing.


    To promote relaxation and mental well-being.


    Illumina. If associated, for example with henna, it masks gray and white hair.


    It is present in the chemical composition of the hair and is necessary for the good health of its cells.


    Normalizing the excessive sebum secretion, bracing, decongestant, purifying, revitalizing.


    Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, so we must necessarily introduce it with food, it is important for the synthesis of thyroxine together with vitamin C and B6, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid, it helps in low-calorie diets because it induces a sense of satiety.


    L-PROLINE is a nonessential amino acid, a main component of collagen. It has a primary function for the "construction" and maintenance of bones, cartilage and connective tissues.


    Patented mixture formed by:

    • Coleus (Coleusforskohlii) roots ex.
    • Garcinia (Garcinia gummi-gutta) fruits ex.
    • Black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) fruits ex.

    The mixture is titrated in: forskolin 4%, piperine 0.3%, hydroxycitric acid 25%, garcinol 2%.

    The effects of the individual components, seen in clinical trials on human, include:

    • Reduction in total body weight and of the index of body mass;
    • Reduction in body fat and increase in lean body mass
    • Reduction of the appetite and increased energy (toned action)

    Forskolin is an extract of the plant called Coleusforskohlii and its potential medicinal properties have been known for a long time, dating back to the ancient Hindus, but recently it has been publicly recognized for its benefits for weight loss, thanks to its action that accelerates the speed with which the fat is metabolized.

    Piperine has interesting phytotherapeutic properties, today mainly exploited in slimming supplements called "thermogenics". To piperine is also ascribed the ability to stimulate digestion and improving the intestinal absorption of many nutrients and phytochemical compounds, as coenzyme Q10 and beta-carotene. Piperine seems also to be able to accelerate gastrointestinal transit time, and exhibits antioxidant properties in vitro.

    Hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, is a citric acid extracted from different tropical plants, as for example from the Garcinia gummi-gutta. The hydroxycitric acid allows to lose weight and burn off excess fat, as it increases the metabolism, it eliminates the extra calories and reduces appetite. Hydroxycitric acid causes an increase in serotonin levels, an effect that generally reduces appetite, limiting the unpleasant feeling of hunger during the day.

    HCA is also able to control glucose levels when it is consumed after a meal. The consequences of this fact are multiple, especially for diabetics. Briefly, when a diabetic person consumes a meal, her/his body is not able to adequately release the glucose, which can be released all at once or not at all. It is therefore considered that HCA is able to control the level of that substance for a period of about two hours, thus allowing proper dispensing of the amount of sugar in the blood and preventing any risk of hypoglycemia or insulin need.


    Lepticore is a patented blend of dried plant extracts formed by:

    • Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub.) seeds
    • Carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.) fruits
    • Arabic gum (Acacia nilotica Willd Ex Del.) gum
    • Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruits
    • Klamath algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) thallus


    • High-viscosity polysaccharides from guar, carob and Arabic gum > 75%
    • Ellagic acid from pomegranate > 1%
    • Beta carotene > 3%
    • phenylethylamine> 3% from Klamath algae


    The activity of Lepticore is supported by double-blind clinical trials on human.

    It is a specific trademark to promote weight control and reduce the risk factors of metabolic syndrome.

    It acts by controlling the LEPTIN hormone, which is produced by fat cells, that regulates appetite by telling the brain when and how much to eat and, mostly, when to stop eating. Overweight people have high levels of leptin in the blood and are "resistant" to its effect (leptin resistance). Reducing leptin resistance, we stimulate the activity of leptin, failing to control the weight. In overweight people, leptin does not reach the brain as is blocked by the C-reactive protein; Lepticore lowers the levels of this protein allowing the leptin to reach the brain.


    • Weight control: action on leptin
    • Appetite and satiety control: action on leptin
    • Thermogenesis with effect on metabolism: thermogenesis is a physiological process which causes the rupture of deposited fat through the increase of the metabolic activity. Lepticore has thermogenic properties through its effect on leptin
    • Mood tone: overweight people often have problems related to mood; the lepticore phenylethylamine increases serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that improves mood and induces satiety.

    Lespedeza capitata acts predominantly at the renal apparatus level.

    The flavonoids determine the purifying and antispasmodic action of the plant. In this respect, it is reported that the flavonoids present in the plant have a particular chemical structure: the glucoside sugar is linked to the flavone as derived glucose. This means they can withstand much more to hydrolysis and can elicit a diuretic action for a longer time.

    Main activities: anti uremic, anti-atheromatous.

    Therapeutic use: kidney disease.

    Its administration results in decreased vascular resistance and increased glomerular filtration volume in both healthy subjects and subjects with renal impairment. In kidney diseases, it promotes the excretion of urea and chlorides, provided that the elimination capacity is not affected. Some authors, however, cast doubt on the therapeutic utility in chronic kidney disease.


    To promote sleep and physiological relaxation, during periods of intense stress.


    It contributes to the growth of hair in the healthiest way. It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.


    Complex consisting of Caffeine, Coenzyme A and an extract of Bupleurum chinensis. It promotes the reduction of excess fat.


    Unlike commonly used magnesium salts, it is not degraded by the digestive processes thus resulting immediately bioavailable.

    Whereby it is:

    • More bioavailable and fast absorbing
    • Active in assisting the transition into the bloodstream
    • Absent of side effects
    • Perfectly suited for a healthy integration

    It contributes to the reduction of the time required to get to sleep. It is a substance (hormone) present in all living organisms. Therefore it plays a vital and irreplaceable role in the life of all cells.

    The level of Melatonin in the blood decreases with age. Melatonin controls the biological clock that regulates sleep, the phases of drowsiness; as a function of the peculiar action of biological regulation of the circadian sleep-wake rhythm, it promotes falling asleep because, improving the personal biological rhythms, it makes you fall asleep more easily: restarting a system that appears to be altered in its rhythms.

    The effect cannot therefore be quickly, but it requires the necessary time for personal adaptation in order to achieve an optimal physiological rebalancing (resynchronization of the human organism and its major systems to the rhythms of nature).


    Water-soluble solution which acts progressively releasing the Caffeine for a re-sculpting and smoothing action.


    It helps hair growth, gives strength and shine; it also helps against dandruff.


    Niosome formed by caffeine and forskolin that act synergistically to help decrease the thickness and the mass of the adipose tissue.



    OB-X is a patented blend of standardized plant extracts formed by:

    • Lemon balm 44.5% (Melissa officinalis L.)
    • White mulberry 44.5% (Morus alba L.)
    • Mugwort 11% (Artemisia capillaris Thunb.)

    Clinical studies demonstrate its ability to reduce the growth of fat tissue, especially at visceral level, and the waist circumference. Visceral fat is proportional to the risk of obesity-related diseases: infarct, diabetes Type 2, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, liver dysfunction.

    Furthermore, containing lemon balm, it favors the night rest.


    With known diuretic, draining, antioxidant and metabolic support proprieties


    Titrated to sinensetin 0.1%

    Orthosiphon or JavaTea has excellent diuretic properties since it facilitates the elimination of sodium chloride and with it, the water retention.

    Used as adjuvant active ingredient for its diuretic and detoxifying proprieties.


    Natural molecule found in hair and skin. It hydrates and donates softness.

    Pantothenic acid

    Its deficiency can lead to skin desquamation.


    Papaya extract helps digestion of proteins.


    Useful in case of stress. It induces relaxation and mental well-being. It regulates gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of gases.

    The passionflower counteracts agitation and nervousness, but is also indicated against insomnia, even with depressive type components.

    The active principles (especially flavonoids) act without tarnishing the concentration nor inducing sleepiness during the day. Therefore it favors a physiological sleep and rapid and complete awakening without consequences on attention and vigilance; particularly indicated in generalized anxiety-based insomnia associated with anxiety and in cerebral excitement-based insomnia caused by intense intellectual work and stress thereof.


    It is very important in protecting, supporting and strengthening the tissues. Having a high antioxidant power, this marine hydrolyzate proves to be a valuable reinforcement of endogenous collagen for fighting the signs of aging.


    Used especially in the stem for the bromelain content - an enzyme known for its excellent proteolytic virtues - is known for its ability to drain the body fluids minimizing venous stasis and the feeling of heaviness. Its anti-inflammatory properties are exploited here to combat cellulite, while organic acids contained in it, characterized by a high diuretic power, serve to counteract water retention and improve the functionality of microcirculation.


    The pineapple extract reduces intestinal bloating.


    Natural origin ingredient with moisturizing and water-loss retarding effects.


    It is a plant native to East Asia - and has always been used in Chinese medicine - which owes its "notoriety" to the extract derived from it and containing many beneficial properties. The main component is resveratrol, to which are attributed cardio-protective activity, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor prevention.


    Particularly rich in minerals and abundant of vitamins. In addition to water we find sugars, fibers and fats.


    Raspberry ketone is a basic principle for a burning fat action. It inhibits the appetite nerve stimulation. It increases the body's metabolism resulting in the reduction of adipose tissue. Antioxidant action. It increases energy for more vitality during diets. It promotes regular bowel transit


    Excellent against free radicals: his antioxidant power is three times higher than that of vitamin C.


    Active ingredient consisting of Caffeine, Guarana extract and Carnitine. It helps fighting fatty deposits.


    Rhodiola rosea is a powerful adaptogen, useful for enhancing body's resistance to various kinds of stress. Its beneficial effects are manifested both in terms of physical and mental performance.

    The slimming action of rhodiola rosea is due to the stimulation of some lipases (enzymes capable of destroying the fat cells) capable of accelerating the release of fat from the storage tissues (lipolysis) to transform them into easily demolished brown fat, that is "burned" to produce energy. A study on 130 overweight patients produced an average loss of 9 kilos in three months. In sedentary patients, lipolysis increased by about 17%, in patients who did gymnastics or sports this increase reached the 44%. The slimming action is also linked to the ability of Rhodiola to increase by approximately 30% the levels of serotonin (link to the activity of lepticore) in the Central Nervous System, a substance that can remove the obsessive desire for carbohydrates and play sedative-antianxiety action, greatly reducing the anxious hunger. The active ingredients contained in the rhodiola root are also able to increase the levels of dopamine, a substance capable of transmitting to the CNS a satiety signal.


    It is a standardized extract obtained from the rind and the juice of three pigmented varieties of red orange. It protects against oxidative stress and damage induced by UV radiation.


    They favor, boosting it, night drainage of body fluids.


    It prevents damage caused by free radicals and protects cell membranes from oxidation, creating a remarkable protective effect in respect of cardiovascular diseases. It acts as a powerful antioxidant.


    It is a patented and standardized extract of Ashwagandha roots (Withaniasomnifera L. Dunal.) .

    Sensoril Trim® is designed specifically to help people in weight loss programs, especially in cases where the weight increase is due to the stress that leads to overeating. It helps in cases of carbohydrate compulsive hunger (night binges); it helps reducing the negative effects of stress, it heals anxiety and insomnia, reducing the levels of cortisol in the blood.

    Cortisol is often called the "stress hormone" because its production increases, exactly, in conditions of severe mental and physical stress, its main action is to induce a rise in blood sugar; for this reason, Ashwagandha may also help regulating blood sugar.

    WithaniaSomnifera is considered the "ginseng" of Ayurvedic medicine for its adaptogenic properties, term used to describe herbs that improve physical energy and athletic ability, enhance immunity to colds and infections, and increase the sexual capacity and fertility.

    The root of Ashwagandha seems to show positive effects on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems and on central nervous system.


    The active ingredients of this palm are widely used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss backed by endocrine disorders). In particular, high-dose Serenoa plant extract (titrated at 40%)counteracts effectively the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, an element that is identified as one of the "causes" of hair loss (telogen phase).


    Formula based on chlorogenic acid in very high percentage extracted from unroasted beans of decaffeinated green coffee (quality "Robust”) with thermogenic effect. It speeds up metabolism, prompting the body to use the energy it needs directly from accumulated the body fat. It limits the absorption of sugars. It acts as antioxidant against the damage caused by free radicals


    The Tetrapeptide Fat Modulator intervenes in fat metabolism.


    It protects from harmful damage of solar radiation.


    With its protective and regenerative action on epithelial tissues, it helps to slow down skin aging. It also acts on the osteo-articular system and on resistance to infection.


    Preliminary evidences suggest that because pyridoxine increases the levels of serotonin and GABA (major inhibitory neurotransmitter in mammals, responsible for the regulation of neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system) in the blood, it could be beneficial to patients with depression or mood disorders.


    Because it not produced by the human body, added in the appropriate dosage, it helps to enhance the antioxidant strength of papaya.

    It protects cells from oxidative stress (action against free radicals that lead to cell aging by determining the hair loss of the hair), contributes to the well-being of the blood vessels by promoting blood circulation in scalp and follicles, accelerating the growth of hair. The antioxidant action also acts on pigmentation, slowing hair graying.


    Highly antioxidant and fat-soluble, it acts as a "messenger" between cells, defending them from the pressures of free radicals.

    It protects cells from oxidative stress (action against free radicals that lead to cell aging by determining the hair loss of the hair), contributes to the well-being of the blood vessels by promoting blood circulation in scalp and follicles, accelerating the growth of hair. The antioxidant action also acts on pigmentation, slowing hair graying.


    Moisturizing and antioxidant.

    Vitamin PP

    It helps to improve the oxygenation of the hair bulb.

    Wakame seaweed

    Titrated in fucoxanthin at 10%


    • Adaptive thermogenesis: Fucoxanthin is a naturally occurring molecule known for its alleged ability to reduce excess fat, especially in the abdomen.
    • Lipogenesis inhibitory activity: Fucoxanthin also seems to act reducing the production of fat cells, by the action on the regulation of lipogenesis in the early and middle stages of adipocyte differentiation (preadipocytes).

    Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng (Withania somnifera) comes from Ayurveda and is one of the most interesting phytotherapic elements. The root of Ashwagandha has mainly tonic and adaptogen proprieties (or increases the body's resistance to the most different psychophysical stresses), but also very interesting anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects.

    The merit of the healthy activity of Withania somnifera root is attributable primarily to some of its special active ingredients, named withanolides. Withania somnifera combines adaptogenic action and tonic-energy activity to a beneficial effect on anxiety and nervousness, it reduces the tension and stress levels, it counteracts the physical weakness and fatigue, it favors a physiological sleep improving its quality, avoiding frequent arousals and fragmented sleep.

    It also improves memory and concentration with a natural nootropic effect, useful for combating behavioral disorders, cognitive deficits related to age and chronic degenerative diseases.


    Volcanic mineral. Antioxidant, it captures toxins, free radicals and ions.


    It promotes cell renewal while maintaining healthy hair and stimulates growth.